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A.The trucking industry in China is not as good as foreign trucking industries, and Chinese trucks lack some crucial equipment.

B.Truck accidents in China exceed the total number of accidents in America and Europe, and the lack of safety equipment, also mediocre man-machine engineering.

C.The status quo of Chinese trucking industry is falling short of the world trend, which is in desperate need of improvement.


Main body:

A.The background of Chinese trucking industry, comparisons between Chinese trucks and foreign trucks, problems that Chinese trucks have.

B Problems that Chinese trucks have,solution to the problems, and future development of the trucking industry.



The Chinese trucking industry's fundamental issues and suggestions.

Thesis statement

Trucking industry in China is now at its peak development, but compared with foreign trucking industries, there is still a long way to go. Obviously, Chinese truck manufacturers still fall short when compared with their foreign competitors. Chinese trucks lack safety devices, interior design, and exterior design, while foreign trucks have their own design style. America and E.U. have complete regulations, while it is not complete in China. In a word, further development is still needed to improve the current situation of Chinese trucking industry, making it competitive compared with foreign truck manufacturers.

Safety report from Volvo Group in 2013

The report from Volvo Group points out the main causes of truck accidents, which are tiredness and ignorance of safety belt. In China, these are also the main causes of accidents, as well as some mechanical design failure and complicated road conditions. 


Introduction to the safety of trucks in China

The world's biggest truck manufacturers, namely Daimler AG in Germany, Volvo Group in Sweden, and Volkswagen Group in Germany, sold 889,056 trucks in total in 2012, while the biggest truck manufacturer in China, the Dongfeng Group, sold 130,830 trucks in 2012, showing a gap between the competence between Chinese trucks and foreign trucks.  But, it is quite clear that Chinese trucks are not as welcomed as other trucks due to the lack of technology. The essay will mainly focus on the status quo of Chinese trucks, including safety, efficiency, and future development, as well as the comparison between Chinese trucks and foreign trucks. Sustainability will also be included in this passage.

Students' Attitudes Towards Hangzhou No.4 High School


A students’ perspective towards his or her school is very crucial in his or her scholar accomplishment and future development,especially in the 21st century. Fierce competition has rendered a large number of graduates look for jobs. Today I would like to present a survey which is designed for Hangzhou No.4 High School’s students, asking them about their attitudes to their school.


The result signifies an aberrant phenomenon. Among 10 people who participate in the survey, 6 of them feel pessimistic about their school and their future, which generates a problem--what causes this, which leads to another problem--how to deal with it.


It is quite strange to see that not many students are positive towards the future of the school. However, its existence does prove that there are some aspects that lack supervision, like the administration of classes, leading to negative comments from the students about their school. If the classes are better managed, students will gain confidence on the school, thus becoming positive about the school.

Great Patricia Cornwell!

Must say that Patricia Cornwell is the best crime novel writer in the world.