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Students' Attitudes Towards Hangzhou No.4 High School


A students’ perspective towards his or her school is very crucial in his or her scholar accomplishment and future development,especially in the 21st century. Fierce competition has rendered a large number of graduates look for jobs. Today I would like to present a survey which is designed for Hangzhou No.4 High School’s students, asking them about their attitudes to their school.


The result signifies an aberrant phenomenon. Among 10 people who participate in the survey, 6 of them feel pessimistic about their school and their future, which generates a problem--what causes this, which leads to another problem--how to deal with it.


It is quite strange to see that not many students are positive towards the future of the school. However, its existence does prove that there are some aspects that lack supervision, like the administration of classes, leading to negative comments from the students about their school. If the classes are better managed, students will gain confidence on the school, thus becoming positive about the school.